Bullying in the 21st Century


Bullying is a big problem these days.

Of course we all know that, but do we understand the actual reason or extent behind it? Maybe we do, or maybe we don’t. But why is bullying still such a prominent problem?

The answer is the Internet. With the increasing popularity of computers, iPhones, Androids, and social networking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Almost everyone uses these these days.

But happens is that this type of bullying isn’t really brought up that often in schools.  Teachers usually teach students that physical and verbal (in other words, face-to-face) bullying is not tolerated.  But how often do they mention the kind exchanged over the computer?  Not often?  I didn’t think so.  Sure, more and more schools are teaching kids about this ever-growing branch of bullying, but for right now, it’s not enough.  In case you haven’t noticed, in the news these days, the victims of bullying are normally victims of cyber bullying.  Usually this happens on sites like Facebook.  And it’s the teacher’s job to prevent this from happening again.

So the resolution?  Teach kids more about bullying, specifically cyber bullying!  If we’re going to let our kids have technology and access to the Internet, it’s probably a wise decision to inform them not to abuse this privilege!  And here’s to hoping for a more peaceful and better future and lives for the next generation.