The calming sound of silence
Reassures my peace of mind.
The sound of turning pages,
Flipping through the bounds of papers.
I run my hands along the spines,
Hoping to have a decent find.
Disturbing a book’s resting place
I open the novel, in a daze,
Intoxicated by the words on the page
And the sweet smell of worn sheets.

Returning to my endless browsing,
My eyes leaping to devouring
Covers, titles, words,
Passing by in a blur.

Finally, I pick some books
But glancing back for a look
As I walk up to the desk
And lay the books in a mess.
Smiling at the sounding beep
And the books laying in a heap
I smile when they’re all checked out
Grab them and go about
Say good night to this library.


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